Welcome to Group Benefit Partners

Group Benefit Partners has established itself as one of the premier employee benefit firms servicing employersthroughout the Midwest. GBP was founded by a small group of industry professionals who, prior to forming GBP, had successful careers with some of the nation’s most well known fortune 100 global insurers.

Working for these large insurers gave our founders special insight to the drivers that made these companies so successful. GBP has invested heavily to be able to offer the same level of technology and resources as these larger companies, and is strongly positioned to give our clients access to industry leading services and advice, while maintaining the feel of a smaller organization that passionately cares for each and every one of its clients.

Who We Are

Our mission at GBP is to partner with you in designing and operating an employee benefits package that maximizes the return on a large investment into the future of your organization and employees.

In addition to adding multiple administrative efficiencies tailored around a cost effective benefit package, we believe in increasing employee awareness and education to help employers and employees get the most from their benefit package.

As a company who is vested in our client’s success and continued satisfaction, we strive to be responsive and accessible to our clients. We work hard to keep our clients informed of new industry trends in a challenging regulatory environment, and are continually looking for new platforms to increase benefit communications and education. Lastly, our promise is to always tailor our services around the specific needs of our clients, not the other way around.

Memberships, Certificates and Affiliations

Meet Our Team

Justin Pieper,
Phone: 319-383-0320
Email: Email Justin

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Jerry Koering,
Phone: 319-383-0325
Email: Email Jerry

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Jim Willis,
Phone: 319-596-6029
Email: Email Jim

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Brian Huinker,
Phone: 563-387-9028
Email: Email Brian

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Barb Randall,
Phone: 319-654-0500
Email: Email Barb

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Jeff Beck,
Phone: 319-596–6037
Email: Email Jeff

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photo of ryan berven

Ryan Berven,
Phone: 515-493-0832
Email: Email Ryan

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Tim Budnik,
Benefits Consultant
Phone: 319-382-2288
Email: Email Tim

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Sherri Kalb,
Benefits Consultant
Phone: 319-383-0365
Email: Email Sherri

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Peggy Lensing,
Benefits Consultant
Phone:  563-387-9033
Email: Email Peggy

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Nikki Thompson,
Benefits Consultant
Phone: 563-387-9036
Email: Email Nikki

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Eric Willis
Benefits Consultant
Phone: 319-238-7811
Email: Email Eric

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Jenny Borwig,
Benefits Consultant
Phone: 319-596-6026
Email: Email Jenny

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Tyler Christensen,
Benefits Consultant
Phone:  515-493-0802
Email: Email Tyler

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Eric Lake,
Client Services Manager
Phone:  319-383-0553
Email: Email Eric

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photo of elizabeth opie

Elizabeth Opie,
Client Services Manager
Phone:  515-493-0833
Email: Email Elizabeth

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Samantha Gudenkauf,
Client Services Manager
Phone:  515-493-0836
Email: Email Samantha

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Sara Langreck,
Client Services Manager
Phone: 319-382-9922
Email: Email Sara

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Michelle Schulte,
Client Services Manager
Phone: 319-383-0353
Email: Email Michelle

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Kandi Nissen,
Client Services Manager
Phone: 319-596-6033
Email: Email Kandi

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Sarah Cuvelier,
Benefits Enrollment Coordinator
Phone: 319-382-2239
Email: Email Sarah

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Brittany Duben,
Client Services Manager
Phone: (319) 249-6384
Email: Email Brittany

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Carol Daniels,
Client Services Manager
Phone: 515-465-1229
Email: Email Carol

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Megan Ellison,
Benefits Enrollment Coordinator
Phone: 319-774-8832
Email: Email Megan

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Katie Schmit,
Client Services Manager
Phone: 515-493-0829
Email: Email Katie

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Gavin Timp,
Client Services Manager
Phone: 319-596-6027
Email: Email Gavin

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