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Simplifying the process of finding and buying the right health insurance with plans and prices for for every need and budget.


Simplifying the process of finding and buying the right health insurance with plans and prices for for every need and budget.

At Group Benefit Partners, our goal is to make purchasing and affording health and life insurance as easy as possible. We offer health, dental, life and other supplemental insurance plans for just about every age, need and budget.  A little further below, you will find information to help you decide the best insurance options for your unique circumstances.

Rest assured, it will not cost you more to buy insurance through Group Benefit Partners, vs. directly from an insurance company, and you will have our FREE continued support long after the sale.  CLICK HERE to see all insurance options.

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Things to consider when purchasing health insurance in today’s health insurance market.

  • If you qualify for a subsidy, you could have full coverage at a lower price.  Or if you plan to use a lot of health services, i.e., have a pre-existing condition that requires lots of follow ups and routine medications, or you are experiencing health issues.
  • For those who do not feel comfortable going without coverage, but are relatively healthy, you may want to consider a less expensive non-ACA supplemental health plan (we offer below).
  • If you are eligible for Medicare, review our information below to help you get started on your Medicare Journey, while saving the most money on your Medicare benefits.

The Marketplace (also referred to as an “Exchange”) is where you can purchase health insurance (Obama Care). These plans are considered comprehensive and contain the essential health benefits (see below) as established under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) law. Coverage is guaranteed regardless of any pre-existing condition and you may be eligible for a subsidy (premium tax credit) to help off-set high premiums. Click here for a list of the Minimum Essential Benefits.

The open enrollment period for traditional health insurance is:

November 1st through December 15th

Per the ACA, Individuals must purchase their health insurance during the annual open enrollment period. Failure to do so may result in your having no coverage for the following year and having to wait until the next year’s open enrollment to sign up for coverage.

There are special situations that make eligible to sign up for health insurance outside of open enrollment.  Click here to see Special Enrollment circumstances.

Other other insurance, i.e., dental, life, disability or other supplemental insurance coverage can be purchased anytime of the year.

Currently, most individuals are not subject to a tax penalty and are not required to purchase health insurance. The ACA “shared responsibility payment” and the individual mandate has been eliminated by the Trump Administration for 2019 and beyond.  While some states have established their own individual mandates, Iowa is not one of them, so you won't face a tax penalty for not being covered.

While you may not be required to buy coverage to avoid a tax penalty, as healthcare costs continue to sky-rocket, why go without coverage and run the risk of financial ruin should you or a family member suffer an expected illness or accident? Most personal bankruptcies, (nearly 70%) are caused by illnesses and accidents leaving individuals unable to work and strapped with medical bills.

Non-ACA alternatives such as an Accident, Cancer, or Hospital Plan can be purchased anytime of the year and will cost you a lot less than an unsubsidized major medical plan.  Should you suddenly suffer an illness or accident, these plans pay benefits above and beyond your traditional health coverage and work to protect your finances so you can focus on your health and getting better. However, keep in mind some of these plan have limitations and in some cases, do not cover certain and/or preexisting conditions.

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