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Elizabeth Opie

Client Services Manager

Elizabeth (Biz) Opie joined Group Benefit Partners with the inception of the Des Moines office in 2019.

After living in Colorado for some time, she graduated from Iowa State with a degree in English and Advertising and went on to be a professional cake decorator. In 2013, she decided to make a drastic career change and joined the group benefits world and has been there ever since! Her primary focus is in account management for large, self-funded private and public bodies but at the end of the day, simply likes helping her clients, regardless of size or sector, on their day-to-day service issues.

Elizabeth works remote while living in Salt Lake City, Utah, and enjoys spending her free time rock climbing, fishing, running, biking and being outdoors with her rescue dog Bijou. When she’s not running around outside, you can find her relaxing with a book at the nearest coffee shop.

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