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wEB Management

GBP wEB Management is an online employee benefits management and enrollment site where employees have access to both a wide array of information regarding their benefit plans, as well as a very simple process for enrolling in the benefits of their choice. In addition, GBP wEB Management also creates multiple efficiencies for those in charge of day to day benefits administration.

GBP wEB Management allows for the extremely efficient management of your employee benefit plans for both the employees and administration, while creating a very professional look and feel which ultimately increases employee awareness and satisfaction with the employee benefit offerings. This increase in efficiency, awareness, and satisfaction puts you in a position to maximize the return on the large investment you have made into employee benefits.

GBP wEB Management is a no-cost benefit available to GBP clients with more than 50 eligible employees.

HR Solutions

New Employee Enrollment

  • Employees have 100% secure log-in and access to benefits from either our website or a customized website designed to match your company’s branding.
  • Employees can choose the benefit plans that are best suited to their needs, based on the available customized plans that employers make available on the site.
  • Easy on-line employee enrollment directly to carrier, eliminates duplicating paper form submission by employers.

24/7 Access to Benefits

  • Employees can login in 24/7 to locate network providers and to download and print claim forms, or just change profile data, when needed.


  • Employers have 100% secure log-in to make plans available to employees, or to post any other customized documents pertinent to your unique business needs.
  • View eligibility reports, enrollment waivers and more.
  • Handles complete COBRA administration, including all legal notifications, enrollment, collection, and termination.

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